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DXDK140IIE Intelligent Automatic Packaging Machine

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Automatically completing all the work of measurement, bag-making, filling, sealing, batch number printing, cutting, counting, etc.; automatic complete the packaging of granule materials.

Technical features:

  1. All functional states of the machine are controlled by a CPU in a centralized mode, and the machine is provided with a man-machine conversation interface.

  2. Intelligent temperature controllers control temperatures of horizontal/longitudinal sealed bodies in two ways.

  3. The packaging machine can intelligently and photoelectrically position articles and convert obvious movement and unobvious movement at random, has high interference resistance, positions the first bag, and stops to give an alarm if markers of three bags are not found.

  4. Packaging speeds are steplessly adjusted within a rated range, and the packaging machine stops after an open mouth is positioned.

  5. An integrated cutter is provided with an anti-dust device, so that the position of the cutter is easy to adjust.

  6. High bag-making accuracy, and convenient to operate and maintain.

  7. Having the functions of paper cutting, bag blocking and door inspection.

  8. Packaged materials with uniform density are measured by a volume method to meet national measurement standards.  

Main application:

The DXDK140IIE intelligent automatic packaging machine is mainly used for packaging the following products or similar products: granule medicines, granulated sugar, coffee, juice powder, tea, gourmet powder, salt, seeds and other fine particles. 

Technical parameters:

  Bag length range: 50~205 mm

  Bag width range: 40~140 mm

  Packaging speed: 28~50 bags/min (determined according to material types and specifications)

  Measuring range: 60~400 ml

  Applicable packaging materials: polypropylene/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum plating/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene, etc.

  Measuring mode: measuring cup type

  Bag-making mode: pillow type sealing

  Power: 1.65 Kw /AC 380V/50Hz

  Dimensions: length 995mm*width 800mm*height 1,975mm

  Weight: 270Kg  

Optional device:

Thermal Printer, Air-exhausting Device, Sawtooth-shaped Cutter, General Cutter.

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Packaging & Shipping:

The machine will be pack by wooden case

First put a plastic sheet on the wooden base,

Then fix the machine on the base

And then wind the machine with the plastics

And the put the plastic cover

And last packed by wooden box


We are near the sea port, and as soon as the machine packed well, we can use our truck to deliever the port at once, only 2 hours can reach the port, which can make sure our machine be the port and take the ship on time.


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The workplace: followed by machining workshop, welding workshop, assembly workshop, the shipping department, warehouse.


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Our Services:

Our machine include 1 year guarantee

After 1 year, we also supply spare parts and service

Our machine not very difficult, normally through email or phone can help the client to run the machine well

If still have problem, we can send engineer to client factory to do the service, include the machine installation, working training.

Company Information:

With the rich experiences in the machinery and electronics manufacture fields and the numbers of advanced engineers and technical personnel, Tangshan Dasong Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (quondam Tangshan Hongfu machinery and Electronics Co., Ltd) a high-new technology enterprise in the Ciyutuo Industry base (Luanxian county, Tangshan city, Hebei), works mainly on the development, production and management of the various packaging machineries. Dasong automatic packaging machines have been formed 5 main varieties, 8 main series, more than 100 models.

Take the grandiose undertaking that devoting into the science and technology and rich country by industry, with company’s tenet that to benefit the society and people by the excellent products and the preeminent service; with the company’s spirit that cordiality and credit, innovation and preeminent, under the arduous effort from all stuff and the supporting from customers, the DASONG brand automatic packaging machine always holding the leading status on the packaging machinery market. Dasong automatic packaging machine harvested the best reputation by right of multitudinous varieties, full specs, excellence quality and wonderful service. And the Dasong machinery has been widely servicing on the field of the medicament, foodstuff, pesticide, commodity and seeds.

DASONG machines have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, and the DASONG was become the famous brand on Russia, US, South-America, Southeast-Asia, North-Africa, Mid-East and so on.


“FIRST PRODUCT” in Tangshan High-new technology industry experiment region

DASONG moderate measuring automatic packaging machine was appraised as national –grade torch item

DASONG small size packaging machine was entitled as national-grade excellent new product

Passed ISO9001-2000


The management right for imports and exports.



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